You must have seen the blue tick in front of accounts of famous celebrities and some big brands well influencers also come under this category. But what does that blue tick means? Basically, that blue tick means that your account has been verified by Instagram officials validating the authenticity of that entity which increases the trust factor of that account.

Earlier you had to wait for Instagram to allow you to apply for verification and it was available to few limited accounts only but now no more waiting for Instagram to authenticate you or to purchase those blue ticks. Now, you can too apply to be verified on how to hack an Instagram account.

The application is available to all whether you are using a personal account or business account but that doesn’t mean you will be getting verified because this blue tick is intended just for a notable public figure, celebrity, global brand, or entity it represents.

According to some reports, there are some threshold values for different metrics but what’s the harm in applying because you won’t be losing anything but if approved you’ll gain a lot.

Benefits of being verified

  • First of all and one of the most important benefits is that you’ll get a trust factor. If you are even a little bit famous you must have gone a few of your replica accounts but if you’ll be having a blue tick then it will get easy for people to identify original accounts.
  • The second most benefit is that you’ll get a very new and exclusive feature of adding links to your stories. Now, no more writing link in bio, and instead of that, you can just put a link there in stories.

Steps to apply for verification

instagram verification badge

  1. Visit your Instagram profile
  2. Click on the menu
  3. Click on the Settings gear
  4. Click on the “Request Verification”
  5. Enter your full name
  6. Upload any one of the identity proof mentioned there

That’s it! Now the ball is in Instagram’s court and it’s totally their decision to verify or not to verify your profile. You’ll be getting an update mail within the next 48-72 hours.

Note: Completing this whole procedure doesn’t guarantee the approval of your application.

What to do if your application gets rejected

  1. Try to keep your username unique and relevant to your name whether it’s your name or it’s your brand’s name.
  2. Include a link to your website on your profile because according to Instagram it show’s your account is authentic but never adds a link to any other website or any other social media profile because then if your application gets rejected don’t blame us.
  3. Create a strong bio with details relevant to you or your brand.
  4. Flaunt your connection with verified brands. So take an example if you work for a brand or if your brand is somehow related to a verified brand or company then try to show it in your bio by mentioning their username. This eventually will increase your credibility.
  5. Try to gain followers organically but not by paying to click baiters sitting in click farms

Now it’s time to reapply again and wait for the results and if unfortunately this time also your application doesn’t get through try to work hard on your profile and try again and again.